Monday, January 27, 2014

Right Sizing Your Home

There are no rules these days when it comes to retirement. People don’t feel obligated to, or quite frankly even want to, move out of their house when they retire. It can be a time-consuming hassle that often hurts the bank account, especially with this economy. The latest trend is to right-size. 

By 2015, the average home size is expected to shrink by 10 percent, according to the National Home Builders Association. Buying small houses has something to do with the economy, but it simply isn't practical to live in a mansion. People no longer want unnecessary space that won’t pay itself off. 

Having a smaller home is not only more affordable, it can also be easy to maintain and still can meet all your needs. That being said, retirement shouldn't be a time of focusing on moving, it should be a time to make the most out of what you have.

Why move out when you can fully utilize your current living area and make it into a relatively new place?  There are different methods to right-size your home and make it accessible for you as you age and also accessible for anyone who may be moving in with you. 

Maximize: Make The Best Use Of The Space You Have
Right-sizing is all about maximizing your space and getting rid of unnecessary areas. Rooms such as the office or dining room aren't essential to most homes. They can instead be made into additional bedrooms or a room dedicated to whatever you like to do most in your retirement years, whether it’s lounging or working out. 

Customize: Make Your Home Easy To Use
Another idea to consider is rearranging different rooms in your house. If items are going to get harder to reach as you get older, then redo the kitchen so all storage space is lower and easier to access. Components such as a spice rack or bowl/plate shelf can be reworked into pull out drawers.  Showers and baths can be redesigned so it is easier to get in and out of them. Adding new carpet? Make sure the seams with other floor surfaces are flat so they won’t become an obstacle if a wheelchair is ever needed. If you’re planning on having family over frequently or even permanently, then some rooms will want to be redone to suit your new roommates.

Economize: Make Your Home Energy Efficient
Going green has also become a trend that doesn't have an end in sight. Replacing windows and appliances to make them more efficient and eco-friendly will save you money and give your home a new look. 

Strategize: Make Plans And Follow Through
The exciting part of this process is that while changing your house around, you will get the chance to redesign and decorate it. A mesh of the old and new creates an eclectic and fresh look.

Bringing in a builder early in the process is key. The will be able to look over your floor plans and help you discover the various options you have based off your home measurements. You will find ways to maximize your space and rearrange your home to your personal preferences. Right-sizing is about evolving your house into a place that reflects your current needs and style while saving money. 

The best time to start right-sizing is now. Don’t wait until the day of retirement comes to make all these changes at once. It’s best to ease into your designing and renovating. Start thinking now of how you can change rooms around and if you’re going to want to bring in anyone else to live with you. Make the phone calls to a builder and designer to see how you can make the most of your home functionally and aesthetically. 

If you’re set on moving into a smaller or larger place, the ideas of right-sizing should still be incorporated. Focus on only having rooms you need and want. Don’t waste money on space you won’t fully use. Also, make sure to look for appliances and storage spaces that will fit your needs and your budget. Most of all, keep in mind that there are no rules, so have fun with what you do.

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