Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saving Energy Tips: Saving Energy Ideas at Home with your Heating and Cooling System

Keeping home heating and cooling system equipment clean, cleaning your duct work, cleaning your filters - In the simplest of terms, your home heating and air system pushes air with fans connected to ductwork. The amount of energy used to push that air can be lessened by making the air flow easier. Clean ducts and clean filters are not only healthier, air moves through them with greater ease.

Use a Programmable Thermostat - Programming your HVAC system to vary the temperature inside your home according to your occupancy needs saves money over having your home heating and cooling system run at a set temperature all of the time. A programmable thermostat is likely the easiest, most cost effective way to save energy in your home. Many people are under the misconception that it takes more energy to bring your home up to temperature than to just maintain it. This has been shown to be incorrect in the vast majority of situations. Program your thermostat to comfortable temperatures when you are typically home and active. For winter, let's say you wake up at 6:30 and the temperature adjusts to 70; you are typically out and about until 4:30 so that temperature can be set to 62 while you were gone and back up to 70 for your return. If bedtime is at 10, let's drop the temperature back down to 62 until the morning comes around when it will jump back up to 70. This provides for comfort, ease of use and energy savings.

HVAC Equipment Upgrades - If your heating and cooling equipment is old you may want to look at the new models on the market. Some of the new energy saving equipment include variable speed fans, very high efficiently heating units and high SEER rating condensing (cooling) units. New models of electric heat pumps can be very energy available. This allows the units to bring heat and cooling to smaller areas of your home providing greater comfort and control, reducing energy waste.

Ceiling Fans - An often overlooked addition to the comfort level of a home are ceiling fans. Ceiling fans set on a low setting push air down in a room; which is how a ceiling fan will help to distribute your warm air. Ceiling fans add to comfort and increases the efficiency of your heating source, saving energy. Ceiling fans are even better in a cooling situation, they often will provide enough comfort to keep you from engaging your air conditioning system.

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