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When the time comes to sell the house, the last thing you want is fixable damages to deter a buyer away. Your buyer’s biggest concerns should be how they’re going to decorate rather than how they’re going to make repairs to the home. Save time, money, and stress by making these necessary changes when putting the house up for sale.  
Caulk is a seller’s best friend: it’s cheap and goes a long way. Pick up some caulk from the store and check all seals in your bathroom, roof, windows, gutters and doors. Clean out these spaces before caulking. This improves the look while preventing water leakage.

Re-patch and paint
Take the time to re-patch any holes in the walls from accidents or pictures being hung on the wall. Use lightweight putty to fill in the holes and primer to paint over it once it dries. If the spots are noticeable, repaint the entire wall. Having patches of primer covering sections of the walls will look just as tacky as the original markings.

If the paint on the exterior of the house is peeling or chipping, then it’s time to scrape it off and start over with a new coat as well.

Filters, vents and sweeping
Small problems such as a dirty HVAC filter will make the system burn out quicker while costing more. You can quickly avoid this issue by replacing the filter once a month.

Another simple cleaning task is the dryer vent. Make sure to clean it every year so dirt doesn’t build up and bring the risk of catching fire. A dirty chimney can also be a fire hazard. Hire a professional to clean the chimney on a yearly basis.
Doors, floors and the roof
Anyone who enters a house is going to notice the doorway, especially if there is a problem. Make sure screens aren’t sagging, frames aren’t bent or scratched and screws are in place. New paint on a door will completely spruce up your house’s image.
As for the floors, if there are any signs of discolored or loose boards, then it’s time to replace them. Sand and repaint the entire floor if any baseboards are showing wear and tear.
The roof will make a screaming impression if shingles or tiles are broken and gutters are hanging. Make sure to replace any broken pieces and clean up unwanted filth, such as moss growth.
Leaks and plumbing
No matter the size of a leak or its location, it is sure to bring significant damages to your house and give potential homebuyers real cause for concern. All leaks should be fixed prior to putting up the home for sale. It is also essential to repair any water spots from leaks. Unrepaired water spots leave homebuyers worrying that there may be additional expensive plumbing problems they cannot see.  If your plumbing fixtures are tarnished or are not working properly, just replacing them can help give your home a well-maintained look.

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