Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home Safety Lighting

Home Safety Lighting

The lighting design elements in custom homes can greatly enhance the architecture and the owner’s lifestyle. Many of these elements including indirect lighting sources, focused art lighting, adjustable levels of light, daylight controls are well known to the trade and are featured in many San Diego custom homes. Other aspects of lighting design, overlooked in the glossy photographs, are home safety lighting and convenience.
Home Lighting fixtures and elements that provide safety always add to the comfort and livability of the home. Motion sensors can be set to turn on at a low level of light, washing across stair treads or providing a path to the bathroom late at night without being bright. Bright lighting late at night can be jarring, a low level, safely guiding the way becomes a convenience that one never notices….unless its gone.

Ever driven into a garage, stayed on a call too long and had the garage door light go out? At Wardell Builders we have always installed a motion detector for at least one of the garage lights. Simply open the car door and the garage is well lit and easy to move through. When we install a lighting control system in a home, either Lutron Homeworks or Vantage Lighting, we always like to include an “at home” switch near the common entry. This can set a low level of light in the home providing a level of comfort when you’re the first one in.
In another blog I will address Home Lighting Control systems. They can be easy to use, for you and a first time guest! Home technology solutions can be simple or too complex to use. We prefer you to have an easy time in your house, the best way to make it a home.
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  1. Surely one of the better posts that I have seen when it comes to home improvement projects. Safety should always be the number one priority especially when you have kids because you just don't know what's going to happen. Better safe than sorry is what they always say.